Monday, November 28, 2011

Jump jump

Well unfortunately I have been a little bit out of it from an injury on my left wrist from over use doing gymnastics. So in the mean time I have been working on my standing back tuck. My only issue is that I can not seem to get the timing down on the tuck or jump high enough to not have to worry about it. Since I can not work my back tuck safely at home (I tried, not pretty) to work on my timing I have decided to work on the jumping aspect. Here is a sample of my workout.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

oh man

I need to quit slacking!!! It's been a while obviously since I have been on here. Since my last post I have finished my move, finished soccer season (won 1st place), and had an injury. I must say it is all my fault and it has nothing to do with how I was working out or my technique. It actually started before and after my workout. I unfortunately was getting into too much of a rush to finish my workouts and did not warm up properly. Afterwards I did nothing for my body to relax either. My body was cold and tight which had repercussions on my body. I had such a tightness in my IT band that I thought I had ripped my ACL. I seriously could not walk for a day. Thankfully this was on the weekend! If there are two cheap things I can recommend to everyone it would be a foam roller and some lacrosse balls.

I must say I'd be effed if it wasn't for Please check it out if you are having any pain workout related.