Monday, November 28, 2011

Jump jump

Well unfortunately I have been a little bit out of it from an injury on my left wrist from over use doing gymnastics. So in the mean time I have been working on my standing back tuck. My only issue is that I can not seem to get the timing down on the tuck or jump high enough to not have to worry about it. Since I can not work my back tuck safely at home (I tried, not pretty) to work on my timing I have decided to work on the jumping aspect. Here is a sample of my workout.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

oh man

I need to quit slacking!!! It's been a while obviously since I have been on here. Since my last post I have finished my move, finished soccer season (won 1st place), and had an injury. I must say it is all my fault and it has nothing to do with how I was working out or my technique. It actually started before and after my workout. I unfortunately was getting into too much of a rush to finish my workouts and did not warm up properly. Afterwards I did nothing for my body to relax either. My body was cold and tight which had repercussions on my body. I had such a tightness in my IT band that I thought I had ripped my ACL. I seriously could not walk for a day. Thankfully this was on the weekend! If there are two cheap things I can recommend to everyone it would be a foam roller and some lacrosse balls.

I must say I'd be effed if it wasn't for Please check it out if you are having any pain workout related.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New adventures

Well what a long time it has been since I put up a post! I feel like my blog is so bare to compared to what it could be. I now officially have my first two clients and I can not wait to get started with them. I have known both of these guys for a few years now and I'm really excited to be helping them better their health and fitness. Starting this Friday I will also be working with my grandmother. She has to be the most stubborn, hard nosed old lady I know. I can only hope to be half as tough as she is. She is currently 84 years old and last year had a double bi-pass and during which she had two strokes. She totally lost use of the left side of her body (she's a lefty btw) and was on a breathing and feeding tube for a long time. Things weren't looking so good to say the least. Now a year later she is up and walking with a walker and able to do many basic functions. She was just currently released back home from a rehabilitation center and I will be continuing to work with her to help with the quality of life she will live. There is no doubt in my mind she will be back to walking normal with time. I also hope to she her be able to get up and down on the floor. Nothing fast or athletic just the normal, functional movement found in life. At the rate shes going I'll bet she will hit the big 100 before I know it.

Sorry no WOD today. I will hopefully be finished unpacking everything this weekend and be back hitting it hard again. It will have a little twist as I hurt my shoulder during the move and will be scaling my workouts to be done just with my right arm. This weekend I did learn to tumble on my non-dominant tumbling side with one hand and worked on dive rolls and one handed handstands. Well till next time!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Small update

Just a quick update. I am almost done moving and I will be back with the daily posts. More exciting things are on the way!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Rest day, food talk

         Well, well another rest day and boy do I need it! What a week it has been and moving weekend has finally come upon me. I was just at my new house a little bit ago mapping out where all my equipment would go and where I would put the new climbing rope and pull up cage. My workout space is about to more than double and I am more than stoked about it. On to today's topic as I stated yesterday, food!

         If your anything like me you love to eat, a lot! Personally I prescribe to the paleo lifestyle (not a diet). I find it best for my over all health and long term health. I honestly can't remember the last time I was sick other than food poisoning from eating out. My body comp is pretty lean considering I'm pretty high carb in contrast to most paleo people. I also just feel better over all, between my body and mental health. I am however not a hardcore paleo person. I do drink gluten free beer, eat gluten free pizza, and chow down on ice cream and dark chocolate from time to time. Some would say your full of crap, your not really paleo if you are eating anything of that manner! I then think about all of the modern conveniences that they use from day to day (cars, a/c, toilets) and have a little chuckle to myself. I do not want my way of eating to rule my life. I want to enjoy what I eat while not feeling like crap later from eating low quality food.

        I'd like to think of myself as a modern paleo man. I eat lots of meat, fresh fruit,  veggies, and some nuts/seeds. I do eat more fruit than veggies but I really can not say I have had any adverse reaction from this. I could possibly be just a wee bit leaner but it would just be for vanity at this point as I am already quite lean. I keep this food selection in mind when I am eating out which I do not do very often as I do like to cook but I do have a social life after all and I will not be kept from doing things due to food choices. I am yet to find a place that will not lettuce wrap a burger for me if I ask. As time goes on more and more people are starting to offer gluten free option on menus also.

        Another question I get is about breakfast. I'm a big fan of egg / omelets with bacon but this can not be an everyday kind of thing. If you are into baking there are other flour options out there other than wheat flour for making waffle, pancakes, and other type of bread like foods that would normally be considered "breakfast foods". Something to keep in mind, many other countries eat soups and different combinations of meats for breakfast. Have you ever had a waffle for dinner? Then why not have a steak for breakfast?

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Well as you may have guessed from the title today's WOD had the snatch in it. If you are not familiar with the snatch, it is an Olympic lift where you move the bar from the ground to over head. It is easily the world's fastest lift! I really love lifts like this that use every part of your body. It makes for a really invigorating workout when it all said and done.

 Here's a great example of a snatch.

Well today's post will be a little short but here is the WOD

21 Double unders
15 Snatch 95lbs / 75 lbs women's
9 ring dips

5 rounds

Sweat heavy and check back tomorrow for some paleo food talk

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I am fresh off of today's WOD and boy was it a good one. At first glace, if you have never done this WOD you think it will be easy and be leaving you wanting more to do. Surely such a simple couplet with with only a 95 pound lift could not be that physically demanding, or could it? In case you haven't guessed or you just have never heard of this WOD, it is called "Fran". It consists of

21 Thruster 95 lbs (womens weight 75lbs)
21 Pull ups
15 Thrusters 95 lbs
15 Pull ups
9 Thrusters 95 lbs
9 Pull ups

Done for time

A thruster for those of you who do not know is a front squat with a push press in one fluid motion. The pull ups are typically done in a kipping fashion in order to achieve the fastest possible time. Some people will comment that a kipping pull up is not really a pull up and it is cheating. I would have to greatly disagree with that statement and then challenge the person to perform a set to exhaustion and see how they do. If kipping is cheating then ever gymnast in the world is a cheater for kipping to support or any other position. It is merely a different motion to performing an athletic movement. 

On a side note I will be moving this week and that much closer to opening up for classes! 

For your viewing pleasure a classic video of Fran from youtube.