Friday, September 23, 2011

Rest day, food talk

         Well, well another rest day and boy do I need it! What a week it has been and moving weekend has finally come upon me. I was just at my new house a little bit ago mapping out where all my equipment would go and where I would put the new climbing rope and pull up cage. My workout space is about to more than double and I am more than stoked about it. On to today's topic as I stated yesterday, food!

         If your anything like me you love to eat, a lot! Personally I prescribe to the paleo lifestyle (not a diet). I find it best for my over all health and long term health. I honestly can't remember the last time I was sick other than food poisoning from eating out. My body comp is pretty lean considering I'm pretty high carb in contrast to most paleo people. I also just feel better over all, between my body and mental health. I am however not a hardcore paleo person. I do drink gluten free beer, eat gluten free pizza, and chow down on ice cream and dark chocolate from time to time. Some would say your full of crap, your not really paleo if you are eating anything of that manner! I then think about all of the modern conveniences that they use from day to day (cars, a/c, toilets) and have a little chuckle to myself. I do not want my way of eating to rule my life. I want to enjoy what I eat while not feeling like crap later from eating low quality food.

        I'd like to think of myself as a modern paleo man. I eat lots of meat, fresh fruit,  veggies, and some nuts/seeds. I do eat more fruit than veggies but I really can not say I have had any adverse reaction from this. I could possibly be just a wee bit leaner but it would just be for vanity at this point as I am already quite lean. I keep this food selection in mind when I am eating out which I do not do very often as I do like to cook but I do have a social life after all and I will not be kept from doing things due to food choices. I am yet to find a place that will not lettuce wrap a burger for me if I ask. As time goes on more and more people are starting to offer gluten free option on menus also.

        Another question I get is about breakfast. I'm a big fan of egg / omelets with bacon but this can not be an everyday kind of thing. If you are into baking there are other flour options out there other than wheat flour for making waffle, pancakes, and other type of bread like foods that would normally be considered "breakfast foods". Something to keep in mind, many other countries eat soups and different combinations of meats for breakfast. Have you ever had a waffle for dinner? Then why not have a steak for breakfast?

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