Monday, September 19, 2011

Another rainy day

Rain, rain, go away. Another day of rain and another WOD. Thankfully today though the run included was a slower, longer run rather than a sprint. I'm not sure about everyone else but the long runs are all mental for me. I just kept pushing telling my body to shut up and to press harder. Many people want everything to come easy, just wear a belt and take this pill and you will be ripped in 30 days! The best results tend to come from the area where you are the least comfortable. No one ever became the best in the world at their sport from sitting in their living room using a shake weight and eating a diet bar one a day. Todays WOD

800m run
9 push jerk, 135lbs
15 GHD sit ups

3 rounds / time

(I actually started this post yesterday but had another hectic day)

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